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Get in the picture

Stop Erasing Your History

Start Making Memories

Hi There, 

I am Sharon Huggard, an award-winning Style & Confidence Coach.

My passion is helping women find freedom from weighing their self-worth on the scales and separating their self-worth and value from body size and weight.

It’s time to start living life, making memories and taking opportunities…NOW!

You Are Enough!
We can’t keep deferring our happiness until our weight is perfect.
No more opting out of social occasions or abstaining from photos, due to poor body image and lack of confidence.
Let’s do it.
It’s time to Get In The Picture
Get in the picture
My challenge to you is to Get In the Picture on National Body Photography Day, Saturday, August 19th 2023.
I am asking the women of Ireland to take a photo of themselves, wherever they are on that day or whatever they are doing. Whether they are in the office, working from home, or on the side line of a pitch, they are beautiful and are more than enough! Acceptance is everything.
Sharon Huggard get in the picture

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