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Hi there, I'm Sharon Huggard
Award-winning, International Style Coach

Founder of Sharon Huggard The Style Coach a pioneer style who empowers women to express their authentic style and boost their body confidence .

My innovative approach merges personal style and personal development—through life coaching and NLP/QTT—to uniquely help women find freedom from weighing their self-worth on the scales.

I have over 12 years of experience in styling women, transforming clients with how they look on the outside and feel on the inside. Having previously worked in the financial services industry for 14 years. I draw on my personal and professional experiences to help women find freedom from hiding and holding themselves back

I spent decades defining my self-worth on the scales and I am declaring ‘enough is enough’.

My clients come from every sector of society, politics, media, corporate world, busy mums, but their neuroses are the same. I’m very conscious of the value placed on weight and size and I want to help shift that negative, debilitating mindset to one of acceptance. You can’t keep deferring your happiness until you weigh x, fit into y or look like z. It is time to start living the life you deserve, making memories and taking opportunities.

I’m a Certified Style Coach/ Life Coach/ NLP/QTT Practitioner

I graduated as a Style Coach with an honour Diploma Style Coaching Institute. I am a certified Life Coach and NLP/QTT (Quantum Thinking Transformation).

In fact, I am the only Personal Stylist in the world with these skills so I am in a unique position to help my clients find gentle, profound and sustainable change.

Style Coach certified and licensed

 I’m an award-winning business owner!

I won Network Ireland West Cork Emerging New Business 2022 Businesswomen of the year award.
Are you feeling stuck in a style rut? Are you deferring your happiness until you weigh less? Lacking body confidence? I can help!

Winner Businesswoman of the Year Emerging Businesswoman 2022 NIWC

Check out my amazing client results

I help, support and guide my clients with compassion, kindness and non-judgement to styling inside and out? What are you waiting for? Check out some of the amazing transformations I’ve achieved for my clients.

Working with Sharon helped me to let go of the stories and excuses I was allowing to hold me back. 

I was using my age, my extra lbs, my circumstances define me and excuse me for living a healthy routine. This was not just about the clothes we wear this was about self-worth and self-respect.  Just learning to value myself and that I am are worth the effort.


I have become more confident and more in love with myself and my body … as it is. 

I have become more confident and more in love with myself and my body … as it is. 
My style and body confidence before working with Sharon was very as was my self-esteem. I was always putting others’ needs before my own.
The old adage of “I’ve nothing to wear” and a wardrobe full of clothes definitely applied to me but they either didn’t fit or flatter me. While I love fashion on other people I didn’t want to put myself out there.
My life and style transformation I commenced living the life that I wanted for myself and started to prioritise myself.

Siobhan, East Cork

Working with Sharon has re-ignited my self-love and self-care

I was feeling lost and invisible. Working with Sharon has re-ignited my self-love and self-care, introduced new colours to my wardrobe and I now have my own unique personal style. I have found myself!
More importantly I now believe….”I am worth it” “I am enough” “I am perfect in my uniqueness”
It’s just an incredible change in me inside and out.
Anyone out there feeling lost and invisible like I was, get in touch with Sharon today, don’t leave it any longer.
Sharon gets it, she knows where you are right now because she has already been there herself and knows all the obstacles and excuses that we create.
Just do it, you won’t regret it, Sharon is amazing.

Kim, Cork

Sharon has helped me find my confidence in how to dress and how to have fun with clothing again.  

She has helped me see my wardrobe through fresh eyes and has shown me that by adding a few tweaks, I can create totally new outfits.  She has helped me get excited about putting outfits together.  I found the experience to be a lot of fun and very enjoyable and I was delighted with all the options of how to put outfits together and how to give them new life that she offered me.  I will definitely be working with Sharon again, it was an absolutely fantastic experience.


Sharon is exceptionally professional to work with

Sharon puts her clients first and is exceptional at meeting them in the place that they are at and figuring out how to work with them to get to where they want to go.  She comes at it with a huge amount of empathy, genuine care, passion and warmth.  Sharon Is exceptionally professional to work with and has added a huge amount to the 12.5K women in my community.  We are lucky we get to work with her.

Derval O'Rourke

3x Olympian/Entrepreneur/Author

Just do it. Spend the money. Invest your time.

I felt like I was drowning and needed someone to catch my hand and guide me towards the right path as I really just hadn’t a clue how to find my way.  That person was absolutely Sharon!
I was no longer willing to accept who I had become and I wanted the old me back.   Sharon understood me and what I was looking to achieve.  She had excellent advice and knowledge and I knew she was the person for me!
She is so brilliant at what she does.  She has allowed me to find my inner confidence and inner cheekiness I was afraid I’d lost forever and I’m so happy,
Do it.  Don’t think too much about it.  Just do it.  Spend the money.  Invest your time.  If it was your best friend considering it you’d tell them to do it.  Do the same for yourself.  You will be so very happy you did it and you won’t regret it one single bit!


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